Hiya has a fascinating story. She came from a rescue that pulls dogs from Reservations and tries to integrate them into a different life. Hiya was still in her puppy months when she went into her first home. They loved her immensely. Due to Covid related issues, they lost housing and had to surrender her. Hiya craves stability and is seeking that in her next home. In the words of her former owners: “She is definitely a dog that is aware of anything and everything around her and is extremely in-tune with her environment and
people. She’s shy at first, but will quickly end up in your lap (whether she fits or not). [Hiya] will be your lifelong best friend and bond to you more than most dogs.”

Hiya needs a loving, patient and calm home. She is kind, gentle and craves to be outside. She enjoys to chase her toys and play fetch. Soft, sweet tones bring her straight into your lap – she adores belly rubs and cuddles on her terms. She would be a wonderful companion for someone looking to deeply bond with their dog.

Dogs: Maybe playdates, but wants to be only dog in the home

cats: No

Kids: 15+, Hiya is a bit nervous and it is harder to build trust with little ones




  • Breed: Cattle Dog/Shepard/Retriever
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 4
  • Gender: Female