Greta has had a very limited and, at times, very sad life. She was brought into a household with other pups and ended up not getting along with the other female dog in the home. The family was devastated that it wasn’t working, so they found her a home with family of theirs who they trusted to take good and loving care of her. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and this beautiful, intelligent girl was harshly neglected and kept isolated; she was crated for ten or more hours a day. She was left alone outside without her yard cleaned or needs met to the point that she began to eat her own feces in an attempt to take care of herself. Thankfully, her original family heard what was going on and rescued her – bringing her to us to find her a better life.
Greta doesn’t feel safe around other dogs because of being attacked in her first home. She hasnt shown any signs of dog aggression here at the shelter and potentially could do well with another mellow male pup, however we aren’t sure and are taking it day by day with her as she acclimates to a new life. She may do well with a single cat, but we would love to find her a home where she could just relax on her own with humans to dote on her. When she is comfortable, her happy shows. She has done great meeting people here at the shelter and showing lots of promise that she is going to bounce back quickly! She has some years to make up for and needs a family who is going to hold her paw through that journey.


  • Breed: German Shepard
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 3
  • Gender: Female