Gator is the bestest guy! He is insanely soft and so gentle – despite his large size. He loves people and butt-scratches more than anything else. He is a total clown, friendly to literally everybody and oh-so-affectionate! He is command trained, loves toys and playing tug-of-war.  He is a fearless guy once he gets hyped to explore and loves to chase, so a home with cats isn’t for him. When he is in the home, he is all about being where his people are. He is calm as a cucumber and a lounging expert. He is fully house-trained and not destructive when left alone. He needs attention though and will give soft, but persistent, little “head-butts” when he misses you. He is strong on leash and has been reactive to other dogs on leash, so he would do best with more rural walks. He will need treat-filled walking when leash training in more populated places. Without overstimulation from other dogs, he is easy and mellow when on a walk – from deer to squirrels he mostly doesn’t care. We think he would absolutely adore the country life. He is amazing around kids of all ages – from babies to teens – and exhibits natural intuition about his size and is respectful and sweet to children. He LOVES car rides and frankly just wants to be your buddy. Don’t wait on him!

Kids: Yes, all ages

Dogs: No

Cats: No



  • Breed: Lab Mix
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 3
  • Gender: Male