Elmer and Daffy are a beautiful bonded pair of Standard Chinchilla rabbits who are spayed/neutered. 

Daffy (female) & Elmer (male) came to us as tiny kits in April of 2022. They are each a year old and full of curiosity! They are eager to explore what the world has to offer outside the shelter life. They have lived in foster homes previously with cats and dogs, and they got along with both. They have lived with older children and could also live with younger children who are learning how to care for pets and how to be gentle with small critters.

Daffy and Elmer spend most of their time lounging in the sun spots in their room and munching on their favorite veggies. They love to figure out a variety of puzzle toys in which we put their veggies – they are quite the experts at this and it’s a joy to watch!

They are litterbox trained and would be excellent candidates for free-roam house bunnies- but if free-roam is not what you’re looking for they would be just as happy in their own enclosure, as long as they are provided with exercise outside of the pen some of the time.

If you are looking for a couple of fuzzy-eared, twitchy-nosed, sweet young bunnies, these are the ones for you! Hop on over to Homeward Bound if you would like to come meet us!!

For questions about Elmer and Daffy or to schedule an appointment to meet them, please call Homeward Bound at 802-388-1100 or email smalls@homewardboundanimals.org



  • Breed: Standard Chinchilla
  • Size: Medium
  • Age: 1 year
  • Gender: -