This guy is simply amazing. He has been in training as a service dog- he knows an amazing amount of commands, can be a grocery store companion, and will alert and direct his human to safety when he hears alarms. He was a steadfast companion for a person with some very complicated needs and he excelled at his job. Due to circumstances in their life, Echo is back with us.
The fact that he has blossomed into a service dog candidate is made only more extraordinary by his origin story. Echo was initially saved from a Golden Corral restaurant after a bystander watched a man beating him and intervened. He was brought to us and we discovered he was one of the most bright and sweet pups we had ever met. He has been through a lot and overcome it to end up a working pup. He needs to keep his brain busy and loves, loves, loves his humans. Because of his past he can still be leery of some strangers and needs proper introductions. He also barks and jumps when parked in the car and people pass. He is strong on leash and protective at the door, so learning some more impulse control and leash skills is still on the menu. This bit of fear is from his lived experiences and he continues to improve with consistent affection, reassurance and training. He is a highly active guy and needs a home that enjoys long walks, runs and being outside. He gives tons of kisses and seems to always know when you need a hug. He is selectively cat and dog friendly; he does best with mellow, social pups and cats with some bravery and “catitude”. He really needs a forever home to settle into – no more bouncing around for this guy! He needs a family that is invested in him and in the beauty of rescue; he is just waiting for the right match to come along. Let’s make this guy’s dreams come true and help him find his family!



  • Breed: Black Mouth Cur Mix
  • Size: Medium-Large
  • Age: 3
  • Gender: Male