Drea is a gorgeous young cat looking for just the right home! She is playful and curious, though she either didn’t have a lot of socialization with people as a kitten or something happened to her to make her very wary of people because she prefers to avoid human touch. She will hide at first, but once you have earned her trust she is happy to hang out as long as you don’t approach her as if you are going to touch her. She’ll rub against your legs at mealtime and may let you sneak in a few pets while she is eating! Drea LOVES to play, especially with wand toys with feathers on the end. Once she is comfortable with you she won’t be able to resist coming out of hiding if you have a toy!

Drea needs a home without young children, and with people who will be patient with her but will also push her boundaries and work with her through play therapy. She is young enough that with routine and daily interactive play she may overcome her fear of being approached by people, however she likely won’t ever become a cuddly lap cat. Drea enjoys the company of other cats and is her best self when paired with a friendly, confident cat to serve as her mentor, so we are requiring that she be adopted with another cat or into a home that already has a cat.

If you are looking for a gorgeous, smart, playful, curious cat and don’t mind that she prefers to play with people rather than cuddle, Drea may be your perfect companion!



  • Breed: Siamese mix
  • Size: Medium
  • Age: 1 year
  • Gender: Female