This little guy has been through a lot. Dexter is a 3-4 year old Beagle mix who needs the most loving and rescue-minded home. His early life was spent entirely confined to a kennel. He was not let outside of it and it was almost never cleaned. All he learned in that life was to be fearful and neglected. He was rescued by a good samaritan who brought him to us. So, now that Dexter has done some recouping, here is who he is so far:
Dexter is an extreme snuggler – he truly cant get enough!
Dexter gets anxious during car rides – he can’t sit still or feel very safe. Car rides would not be a source of fun for him
He LOVES to play, totally digs his toys and gets cute cases of “zoomies” around the room.
He is house-trained, but was only recently neutered so he is still learning proper house manners
He is not safe around cats and only likes a select few dogs

He needs a warm home that reassures him every single day that his new life wont be like his old one. If Dexter is just what your heart has been looking for, come meet him!



  • Breed: Beagle Mix
  • Size: Small
  • Age: 3
  • Gender: Male