This ultra loving Chocolate Lab is not built for shelter life – she is all about people. Miss Cocoa is wonderful in the home, with not even a hint of a house breaking problem. When her foster human is home, she usually dozes quietly or sits on the sofa, with her chin on the back, looking out the window. She loves to cuddle and is very vocal with an extensive vocabulary of sounds to express her pleasure, gratitude and excitement. Left alone during a quick errand away and she greets her human with pure exuberance.

Coco is seven years old and is seeking a relaxed retirement home in rural environment – urban will not work for her. The majority of her life she was NOT out in public and completely not socialized with other dogs. She is dominant and phobic when it comes to other dogs and pulls like a mule when one is in sight. As such she is highly unsafe around other dogs and requires a fenced in yard so she can play without risk; she still has a lot of energy for her advancing age and wants to play (especially with tennis balls). She should not go to large gatherings where other dogs are present, however if you are going to a backyard BBQ with other humans, she would love to go!

Coco doesn’t like to be left alone in the car. She will ride happily with you, but if you leave her unattended, she has proven herself to be a seatbelt chewer. She also has a pension for human food and will likely attempt a slick counter surf if given the chance.

Coco certainly has some unique needs. She was in a single home with the same owners for her whole life, so when they had a unexpected housing loss, she lost her family. They were devastated to lose her and her behaviors were fine tuned to the home she was in. She has lots of great years left and certainly has a lot of potential and opportunity to learn new ways of life. Coco is a sweet, very affectionate, devoted and attentive companion. She is looking for a family who accepts her for exactly who she is, but isn’t shy about helping her improve. Coco’s big mouth smile will put a grin on anyone’s face – and we all know its impossible to resist the love of a goofy lab!

Cats: No
Dogs: No
Kids: yes



  • Breed: Chocolate Lab
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 6
  • Gender: Female