Cleo is a gorgeous German Shepard. She is a natural born leader and good with other dogs who are high energy like her. She can be a bit shy around new human friends, but warms up quickly once she gets acquainted. Cleo is mellow and good around cats, so cats in the home are no problem.

Cleo has some sensitivity around her hind end. We believe that it stems from a rough early life and potential trauma. She does fine at the vet and loves to be pet. She is looking for a family that can be empathetic to the fact that she needs you to go slowly with her in that regard. Restraint from behind makes her nervous and for that reason we feel a home without really young ones who couldn’t understand would be the best placement for her.

Cleo is fully house-trained and can be left loose in the house when you aren’t home. Cleo is sweet and sassy in all the best ways!


  • Breed: German Shepard
  • Size: Medium-Large
  • Age: 2-3
  • Gender: Female