Chester came our way as a skinny and scared stray and he has quickly become one of our absolute favorite pups ever! If a dog could be described as genuine and kind, that would be Chester. Because he was a stray and we didn’t know much about him, we had him do some time with one of our experienced fosters and this is what we learned:
-Chester is the most loving, patient and relaxed dogs. He adores attention, but once reassured his confidence shines through and he is able to enjoy space in the home independently.
– He doesn’t like getting in the car, but is cool with you lifting or coaxing him into it and is mellow and quiet when riding. We see room and fast progress around learning to be less nervous to get in a vehicle.
-He is house trained and asks to go out. He will even wake his human up in the night if its urgent.
– Its clear he has been through some trauma, he can sometimes get very low to the ground (specifically getting into vehicles, when initially leashing or harnessing and entering a crate). He will allow anything, but when nervous will crawl and get as small as he can. Once he is leashed/harnessed, in the car or in a crate he is ok, but the transition seems to scare him a bit.
-He is quiet in the home and not a barker
– He is not destructive, doesn’t chew and isn’t a snooper
– He is curious about cats and non-threatening
-He is an expert at cuddles and snuggles. He is all about it!

We believe based on his demeanor that he could do well with another pup, with people of all ages and with cats. We want to see him go to an amazing forever home because he SO deserves that. Don’t hesitate on Chester, he is going to make his future family the absolute happiest.


  • Breed: German Short-Haired Pointer
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 1.5
  • Gender: Male