Cheech and Mac and Gus are a part of our 3rd party adoption program! Please read below for all their biographic information and owner contact information.

Three cats are seeking a new home, either seasonally or permanently.  (The owners are moving to Florida for the period of mid-October through mid-May.). Cheech and Mac are 11 year old litter mates adopted from Homeward Bound as kittens— black cats with white patches on their chests.  Gus is a 16 year old dark grey cat with green eyes the vets always compliment him on!  Gus found us, we believe from a neighboring farm, and we took him in as an emaciated, wounded kitten.  Coming from the wild, Gus was slow to warm to people, but that has changed in his later years, and he is particularly bonded to Cheech.  Cheech also seems to prefer Gus (and our dog!) over people, and while Mac is the one most likely to hide around new people, he is the one who when he connects with you will sit in your lap and sleep on the bed with you.  They were all strictly indoor cats for many years, being sheltered from the evils of the wild.  However, a few years ago, in consultation with our vet, we made the decision to let them be indoor/outdoor cats.  They love being outside in the warmer months (although they never seem to stray far from home), but seem to prefer the indoors in the colder months.  Ideally, we’d love it if someone would care for them while we’re in Florida, but if someone preferred to make them theirs more permanently, we understand and are willing to do whatever is best for them.  If you’re looking for cats who love to be held, these guys probably are not for you, but if you’re willing to feed and provide a place for them to go, we would be most grateful and are willing to pay all expenses.  We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have- feel free to give a call—363-4969.  Thank you for considering.


Cheech, Mac and Gus

  • Breed: Unknown
  • Size: Medium-Large
  • Age: Unknown
  • Gender: Male