Cheddar’s #1 priority in life is to play, play and play some more.  Cheddar will chase a tennis ball for LITERALLY hours.  But FYI, he prefers his tennis balls over a Frisbee or any other toy.  His ability to contort his body to catch a ball is unparalleled and his athleticism a thing of beauty.  Cheddar is easy to lead on a leash, knows basic commands and is completely house trained.  Although his first priority is to play, once he is comfortable with someone Cheddar can be affectionate.  He loves to lean his body against you and watch the world go by.  Cheddar has bundles of energy and is fairly large, so families with young children might want to keep that in mind.  Proper introductions to other dogs will be very important with this handsome fellow.


  • Breed: Retriever
  • Size: Medium
  • Age: 5 years
  • Gender: Male