Calvin (male, 4 yr), Ivy (female, 3.5 yr), and Poppy (female, 3 yr) are 3 silly and lovable ferrets. They do a lot of sleeping, and then come out periodically to play, play, cuddle, and play! Their favorite toys here at the shelter seem to be tunnels and wand toys. They are so entertaining!

They go absolutely crazy when in a playful mood, bouncing around & wrestling with each other. They are so easy to make friends with, and will climb into your lap for a snuggle. They also love to burrow into your sweatshirt holes if you let them!

All three are spayed/neutered and de-scented. They have lived with cats and dogs, and got along great. They would also be outstanding with children! Although they nap a ton, they do need a lot of fun enrichment/activity to live happy lives. They should not live with any tiny animals (guinea pigs, hamsters, birds etc.) because in the wild, they are predatory animals.

These 3 are a bit picky, so they need to be provided with a variety of different foods, which we can send home with them to get you started. You can also offer them cat food, protein (eggs, plain meat such as chicken or beef- raw or cooked). Come visit and play with the 3 hooligans, and watch them romp around, or to get sweet ferret snuggles! They are eagerly waiting their new home!!!

For questions about Calvin, Ivy or Poppy, or to schedule an appointment to meet them, please call Homeward Bound, 802-388-1100, ext. 109, or email


Calvin, Ivy & Poppy

  • Breed: Unknown
  • Size: Small
  • Age: Unknown
  • Gender: -