This fluffy guy is too cute!! Calloway was a stray, but is no safe and sound eagerly awaiting his new life. He is 2 years old, a Golden Retriever/Collie mix. He is high-energy and wants an active owner who can take him on adventures, get lots of good excercise and of course cuddle whenever possible. He needs house-training still, but he is wicked smart and picks up ques training pieces quickly. He would do well with active, playful, friendly dogs and humans of all ages. He has a bit of impulse control training to do and his body gets excited when he sees cats. We think he could be trained with a cat as all he seems to want to do is chase (and like we said, he listens well and learns fast). He is bouncy, happy guy with not a care in the world it seems! He is pure love.



  • Breed: Golden Retriever/ Collie Mix
  • Size: Medium-Large
  • Age: 2
  • Gender: Male