Callie is so beautiful and affectionate. At about 5 years old, she loves to play outside and be with her humans. She has sensitive skin and is on a fish-only diet to prevent her from having a really uncomfortable allergic reaction to ingredients in her food. You can see Callie is alert in the car and in the home – she is a vigilant girl. Whatever her start in life was, she likely wasn’t able to relax. Callie needs a home that will make her feel safe and allow her to be her mellow self. She is NOT able to play with other dogs as she is highly dog-selective has displayed unsafe behavior with some dogs. Callie IS safe on leash and can be walked without pulling or behavioral issues. However, when she approaches other dogs even if she appears to have interest and want to play, that quickly has turned into aggression. Therefore she requires a home that can truly make her the ONLY DOG. She LOVES people, has lived happily with cats and is great with kids. Callie is a confident lady with the perfect blend of being people-oriented and independent. She can struggle with separation anxiety when she isn’t with her humans, but is crate trained. If you aren’t able to have her join you during your work day, she would do well in a comfy crate with good chew toys until you get home. She is wiggly and irresistible – don’t miss her!

Dogs: No
Cats: yes
Kids: yes



  • Breed: Unknown
  • Size: Medium-Large
  • Age: 5
  • Gender: Female