We found this great dog beside the road back in August and provided him with a temporary home. Unfortunately, he and our other dog compete constantly for attention and have lately been fighting , so we need to find Buddy another home. We would describe him as very active clown who loves to play.  He loves water, fetching frisbees and balls, is very affectionate and is friendly to visitors.  Buddy is housebroken and is a great companion.  We would love to find Buddy a home with someone who will give him the time and attention he craves and who is active and will include him in outdoor activities.

This is a 3rd party adoption.  Buddy is not at the shelter.  If you are interested in knowing more about Buddy, please call his current owner, Jim, at 802-377-9122 or email jrbeane67@hotmail.com.


  • Breed: Mixed
  • Size: Medium-Large
  • Age: 2 years
  • Gender: Male