Bear is seeking a FOSTER/FOSTER-TO-ADOPT home!

Bear is an 18 month old Great Pyrenees who needs your help! Bear requires a very specific type of home, as his breed characteristics and former home environment didn’t mix well! As a guardian breed, he can display territorial traits that need to be managed. He is now in a state of relearning and needs a home environment that can consistently reinforce training practices. We know he is gorgeous and majestic, but right now he needs his exact right fit to be successful, so only very specific homes and foster parents will be considered.

Bear is playful, high energy and sweet. He is a cuddler and a protector. He would prefer to go to a home where he has a doggy playmate as well. Here are the current criteria for qualifying as an appropriate foster placement for Bear:

– home is not in an urban area
– no young children
– no cats
– fenced in yard
– comfortable with periodic home visits while working alongside our trainer


  • Breed: Unknown
  • Size: Small
  • Age: 18 months
  • Gender: Female