Bear came to us as an owner surrender after he was adopted into a family situation that picked him for his adorably handsome appearance, but with no understanding of his breed. Bear is a Great Pyrenees! For those interested in Bear, we are requiring you know or have read about the ins and outs of this amazing breed. Bear is absolutely THE BEST. He is not only fluffy and sweet, but he is playful, happy and engaged. At a year and half old, he missed training in his early years as a “working” dog, but still naturally displays a lot of the traits and tendencies. Bear is command trained, alert and in-tune. He demonstrates astute awareness of the humans’ emotions around him. He is stubborn, but smart as can be. He can be territorial, which is his nature, so he really needs a family that fully understands what that means and how to keep that behavior in-check. He would do best in a home with lots of space to run and play. He gets along with other dogs and wants buddies to romp around with! We don’t think he shows safe behavior around cats, he gets very excited and we cant predict how he’d be off-leash, face to face with a kitty. He needs calm, kind and confident owners, but loves all people and attention. He is used to sleeping with his humans and being free to be one the family throughout the house. Bear is such a catch, so dont wait if you think you have what it takes to be his forever home!


  • Breed: Great Pyr
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 1.5
  • Gender: Male