Meet Baxter – a 4 year old Bernadoodle who thrives on attention. Baxter has historically gotten along with other dogs and loves to play, but he hasn’t been getting along with one of the other dogs, Teddy, in the home since January. It seems they had a falling out and there is no hope for reconciliation.

Baxter has lived with loving owners for many years and they are seeking the perfect home for him. He is BIG guy, weighing in at 105lbs. The current owners don’t think little kids would be a great idea as they might be scared due to his size. He has never been around cats, so the owners are seeking a cat-free home.

When it comes to other dogs, he is assertive without being aggressive. He IS a barker and when he’s excited he brings the noise. “He is so loving. He tries to you, wrap his legs around you and he will crawl up in your lap if you’d let him”. He is a snow dog through and through and enjoys the single-digit weather both day and night. He has a dense, thick coat that keeps him snuggly warm (yes, it totally requires professional grooming).

Baxter is a part of our 3rd party adoption program. His dad is ready to hear from you if Baxter looks like your perfect dude. He can be reached at phcoleman@gmail. com


  • Breed: Bernadoodle
  • Size: Extra-Large
  • Age: 4 years
  • Gender: Male