This fluffy guy is mellow and affectionate. Easy to handle, sweet and a lover of foods, Bailey is simply a great dog. He is multi-talented and knows how to sit, play dead, stay, walk on leash, come, lie down and speak! At 9 years old this guy still has tons of playful energy! Whether its playing with toys with his humans or having some rambunctious fun with other dogs, Bailey is all about it. After some good outdoor fun, he is ready to be a couch potato. As an older, more distinguished gentleman, Bailey doesn’t have all the patience that he used to. He doesn’t do well when children pull on him, jump on him or cant respect his space. For this reason he needs to go to a home with children 13 and up who are dog-savvy and can understand what Bailey likes and needs. He is ready for love and a happy ending, so don’t wait another minute to come meet him!



  • Breed: Mixed
  • Size: Medium-Large
  • Age: 9.5
  • Gender: Male