Auggie is a 4 year old Coonhound mix described lovingly by his last owner as “a slobbery goober”. Due to financial issues, Auggie is looking for the perfect spot to call home. He enjoys playing with toys, his family and other dogs. He would love to be in a home with another dog who could become his best friend; he wants to roughhouse one minute and snuggle down for a pup nap the next! Auggie hates to be alone or be isolated, he is human-centric and dog-social (cats are not his thing). While he shows no overly protective qualities outside of the home, he can get nervous when visitors come over and acts accordingly; taking social cues from another confident, relaxed dog in the home would really help him overcome this. He is crate trained, housetrained, loves to learn tricks for treat rewards and is incredibly sweet and loyal. A natural scent hound, you’re going to want to put your food out of reach and keep him on a solid feeding schedule. He is a great hiking and adventure dog and loves to go for car rides (he usually falls asleep and is comfortable over long distances). Being able to cuddle with his humans on the couch is really important to him and helps him to bond. Otherwise, Auggie is quite independent and expressive: he will sit by his bowl when he is hungry, sit by the door when he wants to go out and will pick up his toys when he is ready to play – there is no need to guess what this guy wants, he will tell ya! He is vocal especially when he is hoping for a special treat – his favorite is a Kong with frozen foods inside. These frozen toys are the best way to keep him occupied and happy when its time to go in the crate or if he gets too high energy and needs to settle down. Auggie is a soft and happy dog who is ready to jump into your heart as quickly as he’d jump in your car!



  • Breed: Coonhound Mix
  • Size: Medium-Large
  • Age: 4
  • Gender: Male