Meet Artemis (green, male) and Gonzo (yellow, female)! They are two happy parakeets who are bonded, and are around 3 years old. They were surrendered to us because their previous home was just a bit too busy for them. They sometimes are a bit vocal, but this is their way of telling you they would like their cage to be a little more covered with a blanket for cozy time.

Artemis and Gonzo love listening to music, and will gently sing along to their favorite songs. The best home for them would be one that is on the calm, quiet side without too much activity going on as loud noises and commotion scare them. They can live with other pets, as long as the other pets can peacefully co-exist with the birds. Gonzo previously had a traumatic situation happen with a cat, so cats might be a little frightening for her especially.

Being out of their cage at least a few times a week to spread their wings would be good for both of them. As for being with children, the birds would be a better fit with older kids who can understand that it will take time for the birds to warm up to new people, and to go slow with any handling. Moving too fast will make it harder for them to trust and get to know you. Their most favorite toys are their basketball hoops on chains attached to their cage, which will all be included with their adoption!! They love to pick up the ball and shoot it through the hoop!

For questions about Artemis and Gonzo or to schedule an appointment to meet them, please call Homeward Bound, 802-388-1100, ext. 109, or email


Artemis and Gonzo

  • Breed: Parakeets
  • Size: Small
  • Age: 3 years
  • Gender: -