Duffer (9yrs) and Gizmo (7.5 years) are a bonded pair of older ladies. They are both very affectionate and love people, other cats, and seem to be okay with dogs. Duffer is a short-haired tabby who spends her time scratching and lounging on the top of cat trees. Gizmo is a long-haired Maine Coon mix who prefers to curl up in the hidey-hole of the cat trees. They are both playful at times but would prefer to cuddle with people instead. They are picky eaters, but they like a mix of Friskies wet food and Meow-mix dry food, not the usual shelter diet but it’s what they like. Duffer and Gizmo are a bonded pair and have to be adopted together.

Duffer and Gizmo

  • Breed: DSH, DLH
  • Size: Medium
  • Age: 9 and 7.5 years
  • Gender: Female