Adoption Donations

Love is Priceless:  Adoption by Donation

We believe that the human-animal bond is priceless and have made the organizational decision to eliminate pre-set adoption fees. Years of research have shown that the strength of the bond between a person and their animal is unaffected by the money spent to acquire the animal. Click here to read more on this.  Our goal is a responsible, loving home for each animal who leaves the shelter and we prefer that discretionary pet care dollars go toward meeting your pet’s future needs.

Having said that, caring for and making animals ready for adoption is expensive: on average we invest just over $500*** into each animal who comes through our doors looking for a new home. This investment includes staff time, animal food, medical care, spay/neuter surgery, enrichment, and the supplies that go home with your new family member.   To help us offset this expense we do request that you donate what you can at the time you take your pet home.

We recognize that what each adopter can choose to donate is going to vary widely; we will accept all donations with equal gratitude and you can know that every dollar of your adoption donation will go toward making another animal as lucky as the one you are taking home today.   Thank you.

***Each animal placed for adoption receives an in-house veterinary exam, spay/neuter if needed, FELV/FIV or Heartworm testing depending on species, core vaccines appropriate to age and species, parasite treatment, transitional food, a microchip, a voucher for a complimentary exam at participating veterinarians, and free post-adoption support.