Lost & Found Animals

Lost and Found Program

Homeward Bound is a clearinghouse for reporting and housing of lost animals in Addison County.  Through this program, we accept stray animals into our shelter and also function as a central repository for reports of lost/ found animals.  Over the many years, Homeward Bound has been able to successfully reunite hundreds of “best friends” with their families.

Here are photos of strays currently in the shelter:   Please call 388-1100 if you are missing a pet who matches one of these photos.  We will return you call as soon as possible.  SEVEN DAYS AFTER ARRIVAL AT THE SHELTER, ALL STRAYS BECOME AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.

This young, adult, unneutered male arrived at the shelter on 5/2/17. She was found on Snake Mountain Road in Weybridge, VT. He is a grey tiger and very sweet.

This young adult female came into the shelter on 4/12/17. She is white with tan spots around her face. She was found on County Road in Lincoln, VT



If you have lost a pet, please contact us immediately and provide the following information :

*Breed/Color/Description–describe distinguishing marks
*Sex (including if spayed/neutered)
*Age (approximate is fine)
*Describe collar, tags
*Address where last seen (include town)
*Date last seen
*Your contact information

Homeward Bound observes the state-mandated stray animal holding period of 7 business days , so it is important to report your missing animal as soon as possible.  At the end of the the 7 day period, Homeward Bound will begin the process to prepare all unclaimed animals for adoption.  We will keep your information in our Lost and Found Book and will diligently attempt to cross-reference any/all animals entering our shelter with the report information.  Additionally, for all calls regarding found animals, we will check reports….thus, please indicate whether or not we may provide your contact information for people to contact you if they believe they have found your pet.

If you have found a stray animal and are willing to continue providing care to him/her, please contact us immediately to and provide the following information to help us match the animal with their owner if they call to report them missing:  

*Breed/Color/Description–describe distinguishing marks
*Sex (including if spayed/neutered if known)
*Age (approximate is fine)
*Describe collar, tags
*Address where found (include town)
*Date found
*Your contact information  — Please indicate whether or not we may publish your contact information for people to contact you if they believe you have their pet.

If you have found a stray animal and are unable to provide care to him/her:

  • Contact us immediately, so that we may review the “lost reports” and possibly connect you directly with his/her owner (if known)
  • If we do not have  a “lost report” for this animal, we will arrange for your to bring the animal to the shelter.
  • You may also contact your local Animal Control Officer who can pick-up the dog and bring him/her to the shelter.

Micro-Chip Services

In an effort to help pet owners re-unite with their pets in the event they are lost, we encourage pet owners to maintain up-to-date tags on their pets and have their pets micro-chipped for easy identification.  Homeward Bound offers low-cost micro-chipping ($35) to the public.  A micro-chip is a small electronic chip (about the size of a piece of rice) that is inserted under the skin between a pet’s shoulder blades which contains all of the owner’s contact information.   Most veterinary offices and shelters have the ability to scan for this chip and quickly identify the owner.

To have your pet micro-chipped, call our shelter to schedule an appointment or sign up f of for one of our bi-monthly Open Door Microchip Clinics! The entire process will take less than 2 minutes and is almost painless (definitely less painful than being lost and scared)!!