How to Adopt

How to Adopt—The Adoption Process

Adopting an animal is an exciting and important step for you and your family!  Here is a brief outline of what to expect.

  1. Come to our shelter and visit with the animals. . .come as many times as you like. . you’ll know when you’ve met  “the one!”
  2. Meet with an adoption counselor who will work with you to see if the animal you want can fit into your lifestyle, preferences, desires and expectations or if another would be a better match!
  3. Complete the adoption paperwork and counseling session (this may take up to 45 minutes, so please be prepared to spend this time with an Adoption Counselor).
  4. Take your new best friend home!!

Click here here for the Cat/Kitten Adoption Application.

Click here  for the Dog/Puppy Adoption Application.

Click here for the Small Animal Adoption Application.

Be Prepared to Take You New Best Friend Home!

All dogs adopted from Homeward Bound must be wearing an appropriate leash and collar when they leave the shelter.

Adopters may bring their own leash and collar or they may purchase a set from Homeward Bound.  Adopters using Gentle Leaders or Easy Walk Harnesses must also have an appropriate collar as the harnesses are not designed to be worn at all times.

All cats and small animals adopted from Homeward Bound must be contained in an appropriate carrier when they leave the shelter. Adopters may bring their own carriers or may purchase a carrier from Homeward Bound.