2017 Homeward Bound Dining Cards For Sale

2017 Homeward Bound Dining Cards For Sale

Our 2017 Homeward Bound Dining Cards are now available for purchase on-line, via mail, or in the shelter.  The 2017 Dining Card Restaurants include some new faces as well as your old favorites!

Purchasing a Dining Card is a great way  to stretch your entertainment budget, support local businesses, and contribute to a great cause–helping Homeward Bound care for homeless and neglected animals!.

Dining Cards also make thoughtful gifts for family, friends, employees and more!   Please click here to purchase!More on Dining Cards →

Thanks to Maddie. . . .

Homeward Bound:  Addison County’s Humane Society is a proud recipient of funding from Maddie’s Fund  (www.maddiesfund.org), helping to achieve a no-kill  nation #ThanksToMaddie

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We are grateful to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for their support of our community outreach Adoption Ambassadors program.   Thanks to generous funding from the ASPCA we have been sending Adoption Ambassadors and shelter dogs out and about!